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Quality Dry Cleaners



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    y.h. Yang img 3

    Very good and prompt service overall. However, after sending my designer shirt for the first time dry clean I noticed that the buttons were damaged as the photos show. I would say it is a great store overall and they helped me with difficult stain before, but think twice before sending your beloved designer garments!

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    Lee Watkins img 5

    These guys are absolute life savers, they managed to work a miracle by getting oil stains out of silk. I also go to them for ordinary dry cleaning and the service has always been great.

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    Howard White img 5

    I brought one of my light coloured gold suit for cleaning a couple of weeks ago. I was told by the very nice gentleman the shop to bring it in I think his name is Tokeil. Owing to the urgency he asked me to bring it in before 10am. I did and I went back in the afternoon to pick up my suit. When I got my suit I was extremely impressed. It was cleaned to a very high standard. It was the best I had seen my suit looking after cleaning. As such, I will continue to use Quality cleaners and in good conscience I will not use another cleaner. I have started telling family about this cleaner. Well done team at Quality and take a bow. God bless you.

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    Kanika Malik img 5

    They went out of their way to get the repair done on time. Quality service!

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    Agnes Lovasz img 5

    Quality Dry Cleaners is a bit out of my way as I live in Stratford but I keep coming to this place for the excellent quality of service I always receive. The staff really go out of their way to listen to what you need and they make sure that they give you the best result whether it laundering, dry cleaning or alterations. Last time I dropped off an old dressing gown for zip replacement that I wanted to use in hospital when I gave birth to my baby. The baby arrived early and I couldn’t pick up my gown for a long time. The dry cleaning staff was really patient and we found a solution to get me the gown in the end. Thank you!